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                 Client Feedbacks


"Just wanted to drop a note that I was very pleased with the quality and TAT of the data entry work you have done for us over the past year. It has been a pleasure to work with your accurate team."

- Jay Boatwright (Canton, GA) 


"We did significant research before selecting Data Entry Services for my data entry project.  They were prompt, accurate, and cost-effective.  They seemed to provide an extra level of attention to ensure that they understood and delivered to my expectations.  I would recommend them."

- Ben Connors (San Jose, CA)                                                        


"From start to finish, we have been very pleased with every project.  Data Entry Service’s customer service has been excellent, and you’ve met or exceeded our timing and budget expectations.  Thank you for helping us become a leader in our industry. I would love to recommend them" 

- Brian Smith (Duluth, GA)



"We choose Data Entry Services India for our services for its superior speed and technical accuracy. They worked very closely with us to customize our data processing requirements to suit our budget." 

- Manoj (Kerala, India)


OCR Cleanup Services

OCR Cleanup Services


OCR Cleanup Services of Data Entry India is an India-based outsourcing company providing a wide range of data entry service to companies and concerns worldwide. At Data Entry Services India, we use the best-of-breed technologies and innovative methods to provide cost-effective and superior data entry services. OCR cleanup service, one among our data entry services, combines the in-depth business expertise and a variety of methodologies to provide high precise OCR services.

As you know that, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of converting an image of printed text into ASCII or Unicode. This process is extremely sensitive and should be carried out with utmost care. As errors are inherent in OCR process, we offer OCR cleanup services along with OCR services. OCR services alone cannot meet the requirement of the client when the highest possible levels of accuracy have first priority. For this, we use latest commercially available OCR software to ensure 99.95% accuracy. At Data Entry Services India, we perform OCR cleanup services to compare original documents against the OCR files to correct misread characters. OCR cleanup job are necessary in the areas of footnotes, tables, and technical data.

●  Cleanup of OCR output by trained technicians

●  OCR capability and our cleanup service includes quality control to 99.9% accuracy

●  Equipped with the latest high speed scanning equipment

●  Lowest cost services you will ever find anywhere  

●  OCR clean-up, formatting and conversion to a variety of text formats

Data Entry Services India’s OCR service and file clean-up services are designed to faithfully reproduce books, journals, periodicals, manuals, questionnaires, and hand written materials into electronic formats. We are equipped with high-end scanners and the best OCR technologies to meet the various needs of our clients across the globe. Our multilingual OCR software recognizes a wide variety of fonts in different languages. By utilizing this capability, we can clean up your OCR up to 99.95% accuracy and convert into a format of your choosing. The cost of OCR cleanup jobs varies depending on the quality and nature of the printed text being scanned.

We have the flexibility to meet any of your OCR cleanup processing needs. Our OCR and OCR cleanup services can be utilized in a wide range of data capture requirements such as insurance forms, medical forms, banking forms, bill remittance forms, survey forms, bounded books, directories, magazines and periodicals.

While entrusting your OCR cleanup jobs to Data Entry Services India, we transform your important paper-based information into high-quality electronic documents ready for publication via the Web, CD-ROM, and more. We undertake all types and sizes of OCR services and file cleanup projects. If you want to outsource your OCR cleanup requirements to Data Entry Services India, please contact us either through email or telephone. We providing IT Outsourcing Services to USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad Clients Satisfactory.