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Data Entry Companies: India Companies Data Entry, Data Entry Companies

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"Just wanted to drop a note that I was very pleased with the quality and TAT of the data entry work you have done for us over the past year. It has been a pleasure to work with your accurate team."

- Jay Boatwright (Canton, GA) 


"We did significant research before selecting Data Entry Services for my data entry project.  They were prompt, accurate, and cost-effective.  They seemed to provide an extra level of attention to ensure that they understood and delivered to my expectations.  I would recommend them."

- Ben Connors (San Jose, CA)                                                        


"From start to finish, we have been very pleased with every project.  Data Entry Service’s customer service has been excellent, and you’ve met or exceeded our timing and budget expectations.  Thank you for helping us become a leader in our industry. I would love to recommend them" 

- Brian Smith (Duluth, GA)



"We choose Data Entry Services India for our services for its superior speed and technical accuracy. They worked very closely with us to customize our data processing requirements to suit our budget." 

- Manoj (Kerala, India)



Data Entry India Services Blogs

Data Entry Companies: India Companies Data Entry, Data Entry Companies

Data Entry Companies India :


In today’s rapidly developing business world, data entry has become one of the fastest growing trends. Data entry is defined as the process of entering data to a computerized database or spreadsheet. Data is entered into the computer by means of a keyboard or by a scanner. Data entry india services are offered for all kinds of textual data captured from paper documents, manuscripts, scanned image files, old databases, microfilms, web research etc.

Outsourcing data entry services has become a widespread practice among the worldwide organizations. Most of the companies have to process a large amount of information in their day to day activities. As they don’t get enough time to effectively process and manage data, they prefer to outsource data entry works. Outsourcing means hiring freelancer or a company to complete the data entry work. It makes data management easy.

For outsourcing data entry, the ideal destination may be India. With state-of-the-art technologies, Indian companies offer comprehensive solution for data entry needs. Some of the data entry options available in India include data entry from images, paper, books, legal documents; hand written entry, insurance claim entry, offline data entry, business card data entry, yellow pages data entry, rebate data entry etc.

Outsourcing data entry to India is an ideal option as it assures data entry services at 99.99% accuracy. The operating costs are very low when compared to other countries. Other advantage of considering India for outsourcing data entry services is fast turn-around-time. In short, outsourcing data entry to India ensures quality, flexibility and competitive advantage.

In Data Entry India, there is a wide range of BPO companies which has successfully completed data entry projects for clients in different countries around the world such as the U.S, Canada, and Europe. Most of the Indian companies can provide accurate and low cost data entry india services for any type of client who needs data to be extracted from any source. Now, majority of the Indian companies are concentrating on delivering international quality services rather than cost-effective services.

By delivering high-end services, BPO companies in India have gained a strong foothold in the worldwide market.

Data Entry Firms in India

In today’s business world, there is a rising demand for data entry work. As a result, Data Entry India has witnessed a tremendous growth in the number of data entry firms over the years. Presently, India holds the topmost position as the outsource service providers in Asia.

Most of the companies and organization in the United States are outsourcing their data entry works to countries like India. This is mainly because of the development of IT enabled services in India. By hiring the services of a data entry firms in India, the customers can enjoy many privileges. These firms provide a quick return for your data entry project with the best results. Yet another reason is that it proves to be an affordable and cost effective option. Moreover, India has a rich pool of highly experienced and qualified computer professionals.

Most of data entry firms in India boast a team of well-trained and experienced data entry operators having excellent typing skills and program knowledge. These firms make all effort to develop a partnership with the customers.

Data entry firms in India offer a full set of services in varied fields including medical, legal, insurance companies, financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, transportation companies, shares, marketing companies, hospitals, educational institutions, and corporations.

Some of data entry india services handled by the data entry firms in India include online data entry, offline data entry, image entry, and insurance claim entry. Data entry firms in India also performs data processing services, which include forms processing, insurance claim processing, check processing, image processing, survey processing, data cleansing, data mining, and OCR cleanup. Firms engaged in providing data conversion services include document conversion, SGML conversion, XML conversion, CAD conversion, catalog conversion, book conversion, PDF conversion, and HTML conversion.

Other data entry india services provided by the data entry firms in India include image scanning and indexing. Depending on client's need and document management systems, the data entry firms provide the final output in any data format. These are either given in database format, excel format, word format, PDF format, text format, HTML format, access format, ASCII, binary or any other type of media.



Data Entry Providers India



As the demand for data entry work is increasing day by day, an enormous number of data entry providers are evolving in India. Within the past few years, India has achieved a surprising reputation in this industry and is now considered as the hub of data entry providers in Asia.

In the United States, data entry is a regular requirement for financial institutions, pharmaceutical companies, transportation companies, universities, lawyers, and court houses. Most of the time-consuming data entry processes of these firms are outsourced to data entry providers in India.

There are several reasons for the popularity of data entry providers in India. The success of IT-enables service sector and low labor cost are the two main demanding reasons. The availability of qualified and skilled computer operators has also fueled India to step forward into the industry. Moreover, India is the third largest English speaking country in the world.

Bangalore – the IT capital of India – has got the largest number of data entry providers in the country. Other popular sites are Hyderabad, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Kochi.

Mainly, there are three types of data entry providers in India– domestic companies, firms or individuals. All these providers successfully accomplish the data entry projects for the clients from various industry verticals. They have the ability to provide 24/7 services and faster turnaround time, without making any compromise on quality and accuracy.

Different types of data entry india services are handled by the data entry providers. Among them includes data conversion, data processing, image processing, image editing and enhancement, and photo manipulation services. Some of the examples of data processing services are forms processing, check processing, data cleaning and mining, OCR clean up, and insurance claim processing. Data entry providers also perform data conversion services such as XML conversion, CAD conversion, HTML conversion, PDF conversion, book conversion, and catalog conversion. Both online and offline data capture services are offered.

Depending on the requirement of the client, the final outputs are provided on a number of formats. Some of the typical formats include database format, word document form, text format, Excel, HTML format, binary or ASCII.



Data Processing India

Data processing in Data Entry India is coming out as a fast growing and prominent sector in the recent days. It is one of the specialized categories of information technology enabled services. A good number of data processing projects are outsourced to India, which is really a matter of surprising. Data processing service is necessary for almost all businesses to find solutions to the challenges that are faced in their daily activities. In data processing, data provided by the clients is converted into information and vise versa.

India is one of the developing countries with more number of highly educated, skilled, and English knowing people. But the population of the country is too high with employment opportunities being lesser. The advancement of technology and the wide usage of internet have paved a great way for the development of the country with more employment opportunities, especially in information technology sectors. Developed countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom outsource their work to India at cheaper rates. Data processing along with data entry, data capture, data conversion, form processing, image processing, mailing list compilation, web extraction, and website designing are some among the services outsourced to the country.

In India, there are a number of companies which are involved in the activity of data processing. These businesses follow strict policies for recruiting employees to the corresponding fields. The employees for data processing are mostly graduates with high proficiency in typing. The companies also have experts to perform even the most complicated data processing projects with much easiness and fastness. Accuracy, superior quality, and timely submission of work are other benefits with the outsourcing businesses in India for data processing.

For data processing in Data Entry India, it is possible to send and retrieve information or data to and from the companies in any format that is convenient to the clients. Moreover, certain tasks such as database creation, database manipulation, data consolidation and summarization, spreadsheet manipulation, and format changing are performed as part of data processing services.



Image Processing India :

Image processing is a rapidly developing field in Data Entry India with its growing applications. It is a form of information processing in which the input and output are images like photographs or frames of video. It is the analysis of a picture using techniques that can identify colors and shades that cannot be recognized by the human eye.

A few decades ago, image processing was done mostly in the analog form, mainly by optical devices. Due to the increased popularity of computer systems, these techniques are replaced by digital image processing methods. Specialized hard ware and software are used for this digital image processing.

In Data Entry Services, image processing is used in many areas including photography and printing, astronomy, medicine, industrial robotics, and remote sensing by satellites. The techniques are also utilized to solve identification problems in forensic medicine and to create weather maps from satellite pictures. The process also supports engineers and scientists in the areas such as biometrics, surveillance, microscopy, gene expression, image sensor design, semiconductor testing, color science, and materials science.

The ‘less paper' handling characteristics of image processing technology can have a far reaching impact on financial services. Capital markets and banks are highly documented intensive using this technology for the character recognition or automatic identification to read text and diagram where the cheques or documents can be scanned.

In India, there are a number of institutions that offer corporate training in the area of image processing. Also, there are several companies that provide these image processing services. They have the expertise and skill to accomplish image processing projects of varying complexity. Moreover, there are numerous software firms that develop software for the processing needs.

Today, image processing is a major part of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). Many international companies perform their projects through the companies in India. This is mainly due to the flourishing IT industry in the country. Additionally, India has the largest English-speaking population. The multi-skilled workforce and cost-effective manpower are some of the other elements for the popularity of image processing centers in the country.



Data Capture India :


In today’s business environment, data capture is one of the most significant components of any content management solution. It is a process that reduces the tedium and expense of hand entering data from forms and other sources including bar-code labels, employee pass cards, and electronic sensors of all kinds.

Today, data capture is major a part of Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO). Selecting the perfect outsourcing destination plays a significant role in deciding your company’s success or failure. Most of the Indian outsourcing companies are ISO certified providing international standards. The United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia are the countries that outsource their projects to the companies in India.

There are several methods used for capturing data. This includes tally charts, batch keying, interactive capture, and magnetic recordings. In the modern era, data capture capability includes a wide range of mobile data collection technologies. Electronic data capture is the latest version; mainly conducted in two ways: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition). Multiple data capture options allow selecting the best data capture method for every business need.

According to industry analysts, outsourcing data capture to India can eliminate application development and maintenance costs. It allows companies to successfully deal with the issues in software demands; and concentrate more on their core business. When data capture is outsourced to India, companies not only obtain the advantage of low cost but also get improved productivity and quality. There are many companies in India providing quality services in data capture. They use a vast range of data capture techniques and systems offering an efficient collection of high volume quantitative and qualitative data.

High quality services, low manpower costs, best infrastructure, talented workforce, and advanced technology make India one of the best data capture outsourcing destinations. Additionally, India gives you the advantage of English speaking youth who are both hard working and creative. Hi-tech infrastructure for IT and other technological related services also help to develop efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, India is the largest democratic country having a stable government with labor and investor friendly laws.



Data Entry Experts :

For a successful business, the accessibility of accurate information is necessary. Data entry services india is the basic procedure in a small or large business house and other organization. Nowadays, large and medium companies outsource their data entry works. Outsourcing data entry works will make business cost-effective and time saving. Many outsourcing companies in India, Philippines and china offer a wide variety of data entry services. These companies are equipped with advanced technology and expert staff.

Data entry experts are trained in specialized areas of data entry works. Data entry experts are specialized in medical billing, insurance billing, legal documents and more. They are fast typists with high level of accuracy. Many companies give preference to experienced and specialized data entry personnel. Most companies have a team of data entry experts. Data processing of confidential information of company is always handled by data entry experts.

Data entry experts can work in a variety of venues, such as small offices, large corporations and data entry centers. They can also work for a one-time project or ongoing project for a business. Data entry experts in a data entry center works for multiple businesses. Data entry experts can also work from home. Some companies hire data entry experts for their data entry services tasks. Data entry experts are responsible for entering required data accurately in a timely manner.

Accuracy and speed are the best assets of a data entry expert. Basic skills for a data entry india expert include computer skills such as Microsoft Office, e-mail and internet. There are books, tapes and online tutorials for teaching data entry work. Data entry experts have to work for clients such as lawyers, hospitals, state courts, oil companies, pharmaceutical companies and publishing companies.

Data entry experts can work in fields like data entry from hard or soft copy to any database format, e-books data entry, yellow pages, collection entry, business card, bill entry, catalog entry, mailing label entry, online order entry, data entry from images and more. Data entry india experts can provide a cost-effective data entry solution for clients. We providing IT Outsourcing Services to USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain, India, Gujarat, Ahmedabad Clients Satisfactory. Data entry experts can search for data entry jobs through online.


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